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Carolyn Shaak Workshop

The workshop is scheduled this Thurs 1/14 at 11am at the Denver Skool located at, 2553 S. Colorado Blvd, #109, Denver, CO 80222 (303)955-1822.

It is scheduled for 2 hours from 11am-1pm.

It will be presented by Carolyn & Jamie. If you are a music teacher, you will benefit greatly!

Some of the topics will include:

* On and off the bench activities for technic and theory work
* Recital pieces that develop “tone” and “touch”
* Examples of assignment sheets that spark practice
and they will hand out a
* List of Their favorite apps for learning to read and write music

“Attention” All Band & Orchestra Directors – Earn 15% Money Back

We have a new program for all local school’s Band & Orchestra programs.
– We have a complete list of band/orchestra books on easy-to-use forms
– Orders can be purchased by calling in, emailing (we can email you a copy to fill out on your computer and send in via email), fax and postal mail.
– Easy Payment: Credit Card, Check, etc.
– We will donate 15% of your total purchases back to the Program with a check to use the funds however you want.
Call today for more details:  303-955-1822 or 303-325-7426

Celebrating 5 years at Southglenn Mall!


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Summer Rock Band Concerts

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