Off-Site Instructors (For Satellite Locations)

 Aaron B: (Guitar, Ukulele)

Aaron Bartlett is a musician who was born and raised in South Florida. Started playing music live professionally in 2006, he also began his teaching career in 2011 at Broadway Kids Studios in Davie, Florida. Teaching kids and adults from 3 years of age to 45, teaching has become a large part of his profession, helping people learn instruments of all the string and percussive varieties, including thier own voice. Since then he has played his music in shows around the United States, and worked in music studios in Miami and even his own home. Arranging, composing, producing, and recording artists in South Florida started to show him another side of the industry. He recently moved to Boulder, Colorado to pursue a degree in Music from Naropa University and is now a senior, who also hosts the Open Mic events in Naropa’s student center.

Dylan C: (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Piano)

Dylan Bio Pic

Dylan started playing guitar at age 6 and grew up in a very musical background. With years of experience in Jazz performance, Dylan studied music theory all throughout high school and college. Being part of many musical groups he learned various instruments in addition to Guitar. Trumpet, Piano, Bass, and Drums were soon to follow. He attended The Hartford Conservatory in Hartford Connecticut and also studied the Recording Arts. He has taught music from Connecticut to California, has been working with kids for over 15 years and has been teaching for over 13. After a short visit to Denver, has has been with us ever since.

Jim D: (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano)

Jim D Bio Pic

Jim is a guitarist, teacher, and composer based in Denver, Colorado. He received his formal training in jazz, guitar, and music education under Jerry Hahn, Dale Bruning, Ron Miles and Fred Hess at MSU in Denver. Over the past twenty years he has taught hundreds of students, performed all over the country, and released five studio albums. Playing and teaching a wide variety of styles including jazz, latin, folk, rock, blues, country, R&B, and funk. Jim was featured in Jazz Magazine Italy, and has shared the stage with Stanley Jordan, Rene Marie, Ron Miles, and many others.

James H: (Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion, Piano)

James H Bio Pic

James has been playing with sound since he was 2 years old. From pots & pans to cellos to pianos to percussion and everything in between, James continues to explore various ways of creating music. He played on an award winning drumline during his entire highschool tenure. Currently, he enjoys exploring the realms of electronic music production and acoustic guitar.

James has a natural affinity for kids and engages with them in playful, constructive, and jovial manner. With a deep appreciation for music’s developmental support, he strives to carry the torch of music in today’s educational systems.

James’ work in effective massage therapy brings an understanding of just how important physical movement is to the emerging youth. He proved quite restless in his own public school days, and he values integrating movement into all his work.

Elin P: (Violin, Guitar, Ukulele)

Elin Laux has been composing, performing, recording and teaching music for over 15 years. She has performed with local and national acts, ranging from The Fray to Devotchka. She draws from a formal education in human development and music therapy to create a caring and enjoyable approach to learning; and she draws from her 6 years of mothering to foster a positive and disciplined approach to teaching.

Celia G: (Piano, Guitar, Ukulele)

Music is my passion as well as a very key element in my life and has been since I was pretty young. I started playing piano when I was about 8 years old and then when I was about 11, I started teaching myself guitar, how to write songs, and to sing. It was something i loved naturally, so over the years I stuck with it and got good enough to actually do something with it. I have now been a performing / touring musician for the past 5 years and know how to play even more instruments such as the banjo and the ukulele. As a musician, I understand the intricacies and the overwhelm that can come along with learning a new instrument. It is important for me to really break things down in a patient manner for the kids as well as keeping it fun and inspiring at the same time. I feel music is a wonderful form of self expression and I’d love to help aid and inspire kids to hone in on their full potentials, starting with music of course!

Khabu Doug Y: (Guitar, Ukulele)

Originally from the great state of Texas, moved to Boulder CO in the 1980s and formed The Russian Dragon Band with Art Lande with guest artists such as Paul McCandless, Ron Miles, Mark Miller. Until his recent return to Colorado, Khabu lived in New York for the past 20 years and has played with a remarkable assortment of creative NYC musicians, including Jacob Sacks, Thomas Morgan, Yoon Sun Choi, Kyoko Kitamura, & Bruce Williamson. Recently he has been expanding the realm of solo ukulele, also offering private, group and online instruction. He performs regularly with the amazing jazz vocalist Elena Camerin, originally from Venice, Italy.

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