Instrument Rental

Rental Pricing

Terms:        3 Months       9 Months       Monthly Re-Rental
Group A)        $95.50            $238.50            $38.50
Group B)        $124.50          $299.50            $48.50
Group C)        $145.50          $365.50            $58.50


  • Musical instruments are covered for normal wear & Tear. All prices include a monthly service charge.
  • Continue to re-rent the instrument on a continuous basis accumulating money toward the rent-to-own prices.
  • Purchase the instrument at any time and receive a discount.


Rental Questions

We’re here to help you with all your questions about renting a musical instrument. Need help? Click the button to go to our online form where you can send us your questions!

Rental Questions

Rental Agreement

Adobe_PDF_iconDownload My Music Skool Instrument Rental Agreement

Rental Groups

  • Group A: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Violin, Viola
  • Group B: Electric Guitar/Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet
  • Group C: Trombone, Alto Saxophone


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